At Poesis Payne, we're passionate about our handcrafted wire wrapped jewelry. Each creation has their own personality ensuring there's a perfect piece everyone. Take a look around to find the one-of-a-kind piece that calls out to your soul!

Hi Beautiful Soul. I'm Jennifer!

Poesis Payne was born as celebration of this beautiful life! It all started when I had a near death experience from a surgical hemorrhage in early 2019. Although I recovered enough to be released from the hospital, I was devastated by the inability to do the things I loved - hiking, biking and spending time in nature.

I started wire wrapping as a way to bring a small piece of nature to me in my darkest times. Even in my wildest dreams, I never would have imagined this hobby would lead me to such magical experiences! I have been able to build an extraordinary life, establish connections with beautiful human beings and celebrate life to its fullest every day since I picked up my first piece of wire.

Seeing the joy my jewelry brings to people is an unbelievable feeling. I'm eternally grateful to share this journey with each and every one of you! Thank you for being here my friend!


Get a behind-the-scenes look at the Poesis Payne studio during my live jewelry making videos! Join me as we go step-by-step though the wire wrapping process. We'll chat about the stones I'm using and their metaphysical properties along the way. Come follow me on TikTok!



Jennifer of Poesis Payne is a master at touching one’s soul through jewelry. She packages each order with love! Not only is her handmade jewelry immaculately crafted but it will arrive beautifully packaged with an affirmation card and sweet smelling herbs. Her craft is an experience for all the senses.

Alicia Hawkins Meranda

I love this shop!! The owner is such a sweet, kind hearted soul and she makes such beautiful things! One of my favorite wire wrappers that I follow! So far, I've gotten a bunch of cabochons from her destashing on Instagram and they're all so so pretty! Ships quickly and is packed with love! I'm currently waiting on a pendant and a matching ring! I can't wait! I highly recommend this shop!

Cassie Cain

I literally have a collection of pendants from here! Each and every one was crafted with love and intention. I have also had custom work, and the artist is incredibly wonderful to work with! I recommend Poesis Payne for jewelry you love to wear or can be proud to gift.

Michelle Williams

I have now own 3 awesome pieces made by this talented lady. Her work is incredible, I get tons of compliments on my pendants! The packaging is quite beautiful as well! She puts a lot of thought and love in each piece!

Jeanette Poling

The pendant I ordered arrived faster than anticipated. Simply stunning work. Beautifully wrapped and you can just feel the love spent on all of it. From the pendant to the packaging.

Helecia Adams

Beautiful workwomanship, quality components, diverse designs and the ability to bring it all together in stunning handcrafted- tailored to YOU designs.

Cheri Brándĕ